Scott Walker: Trump, Pence Hinted at Cabinet Post

The Wisconsin governor plans to finish his term and chair RGA—for now

Scott Walker
Scott Walker / AP
• November 10, 2016 2:40 pm


Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Wednesday that President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence have hinted that they would offer him a position in their administration.

Walker joined Charlie Sykes on the WTMJ radio station in Wisconsin the morning following the election and said that he could be in the mix for a cabinet post after being asked if he would be open to joining the administration if they were to ask him to come aboard.

"If you get a call in the next two months from President-elect Trump or a member of his transition team and said, ‘Gov. Walker, we would like you to join the cabinet,' would you be open to the possibility to serving in the Trump administration?'" Sykes asked.

Walker said that he plans to finish his term as governor and take over as chair of the Republican Governors Association, or RGA, next week. Walker is currently vice chair of the association.

"I love being governor, I'm going to finish out my term. If I choose to run again, I'm going to run for governor alone and not for any other office in the future," Walker said. "I told–and both Donald and Mike have hinted at that over the past couple of months–I'm going to take over next week as the new chair of the Republican Governor's Association, and I think we're going to talk about that a little bit more on Friday as well in detail about what's happening with governorships and state houses across the country."

Walker went on to say he could best serve the Trump administration as chair of the RGA.

"I told Donald, I told my friend Mike Pence, I can best serve a Republican administration by being the head of that Governor's Association and helping ensure that the governors, the House, the Senate, and the president work together to do the things that people elect us to do," Walker said. "There is a clear mandate–I don't think there's any doubt about it–there is a clear mandate on across America that they want power back in the hands of people."

"They want smaller, more responsible, more accountable government," Walker continued. "We've shown you can do it in Wisconsin and still have electoral success in the future. I hope they'll turn to us, and that's where we can best provide our help."

"So there has been some conversation, some talk about the possibility of you joining this administration?" Sykes asked.

There were hints, Walker said, and a real sense among the Trump camp to get things done.

"Yeah, there were hints," Walker said. "You know, technically they can't offer anything–nor should they–but there was plenty of talk of help. I think one of the best things we can do–and Newt Gingrich talked a little bit about this I think on Sunday on Meet the Press, and Newt and I talked quite a bit about what we did and how we did it and the timing and things of that nature."

"I think there's a real sense amongst many of the people who helped inside this campaign, including my policy director who helped, for example, with their health care plan that was released a week or so ago, that they're ready to go. They want to get things done," Walker added.

Trump won Wisconsin by one point on Tuesday–the first time that a Republican presidential candidate has carried the state since 1984. Incumbent Republican Sen. Ron Johnson defeated Democratic challenger Russ Feingold by 3 percentage points.

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