Paul Ryan Challenger: We're Reaching Out to New York, California Because 'That's Where a Lot of Money Comes in From'

Claims House speaker is controlled by millionaires and billionaires

January 15, 2018

Randy Bryce, the Wisconsin Democrat challenging Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R., Wis.), admitted Monday that his campaign is reaching out to people in New York and California because "that's where a lot of money comes in from."

MSNBC anchor Katy Tur asked Bryce if he could represent the people of Wisconsin's first district since a lot of the money he's raised has come from those two coastal states.

"Are people from Wisconsin hearing that?" Tur asked. "Because a lot of the money it looks like coming from New York and California. Wisconsin donors came in third. Are you speaking directly to Wisconsin voters or are you getting this wave of cash because of the general unhappiness with this president nationally among Democrats?"

Bryce admitted that his campaign actively reaches out to solicit donations from people in New York and California.

"Well, we're getting the message out in the first congressional district for sure. We are going out and reaching out to New York and California. That's where a lot of money comes in from," Bryce said. "But it's to help us get rid of somebody like Speaker Ryan."

Byrce added that Ryan has been "overtaken by the billionaire donors."

"Paul Ryan has been completely overtaken by these billionaire donors, lobbyists and special interests in Washington, D.C.," Bryce said. "Meanwhile, the last 20 years, I've been here struggling with our neighbors, and we're going in the opposite direction."

Bryce raised more than $1.4 million from June 1 to Sept. 30 of last year, according to the Federal Election Commission, with more than a combined $230,000 coming from New York and California. That was more than seven times the $31,643 he drew from Wisconsin.

MSNBC displayed a graphic showing Bryce raised an additional $1.2 million from October to December.