Rove: I Never Said Hillary Had Brain Damage, But Health Could Be 2016 Issue

GOP political operative Karl Rove clarified his remarks reported in yesterday's New York Post where he purportedly suggested former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have brain damage.

Rove emphatically denied he made the implication, telling Fox News he never used the "brain damage" phrase but added her overall health should be discussed in the context of 2016.

At issue is Clinton's "serious health episode" at the end of 2012 where doctors discovered a blood clot near her brain after being treated for a fall. Following the procedure removing the clot, Clinton wore glasses intended to correct double vision at her 2013 Benghazi testimony. Clinton spokespeople confirm the glasses were related to her head trauma.

Rove contended he only meant to illustrate the public has not had a full accounting of the event which will be relevant information should Hillary Clinton decide to run for president. "Get ready, the New York Times is going to be asking a lot of tough questions about every candidate’s health — they always do and it’s going to be an issue," he said.

[H/T National Review]