Resident at Senior Center: People Here Look Like Bill Clinton

• April 21, 2016 10:56 pm


When Bill Clinton visited a senior center in Pennsylvania Thursday, one elderly woman said that the former president resembled her fellow retirees.

"They're not going to have Clinton here. It's probably somebody that looks like him," the woman said.

After meeting the president, she maintained that Clinton appeared geriatric.

"My friend over here told me that he was coming, and I said it was probably somebody that was going to look like him," she said and laughed. "Seeing is believing."

The former president is 69 years old, only one year older than his wife, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Some have noted that Clinton seems "smaller" and "weaker" on the campaign trail for Hillary, especially compared to his charismatic campaign rallies in the 1990's. Since his presidency, Clinton has undergone heart bypass surgery and has taken up a vegan diet.

In February, the former president was caught standing behind his wife with a blank, empty expression. Then, in March, he appeared to stare blankly into the distance with his mouth half-open, perhaps chewing on his tongue, during a campaign rally for Hillary. He occasionally broke into a half-knowing smile, but for the most part appeared space-bound.

The elderly woman's observation supports a January Free Beacon analysis, which found that the former president resembles an old woman, or EPA administrator Gina McCarthy.

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