Report: Democracy Alliance Members Looking to Fund Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter sign / AP
November 13, 2015

The shadowy liberal donor group Democracy Alliance is recommending to its members that they fund the Black Lives Matter movement, Politico reported Friday.

According to the report, major liberal fundraisers will huddle for secret meetings with leaders of Black Lives Matter, the growing protest organization advocating against violence and discrimination toward African Americans. The discussions will take place at Democracy Alliance's annual winter meeting next week in Washington, D.C.

However, while the meetings could be potentially lucrative for Black Lives Matter, they could also cause tensions within the fractious organization that contains various leaders and sects who might want to retain financial independence. On the other hand, Politico reports some donors are "leery" about getting in bed with the organization that often employs combative tactics:

It’s a potential partnership that could elevate the Black Lives Matter movement and heighten its impact. But it’s also fraught with tension on both sides, sources tell POLITICO.

The various outfits that comprise the diffuse Black Lives Matter movement prize their independence. Some make a point of not asking for donations. They bristle at any suggestion that they’re susceptible to being co-opted by a deep-pocketed national group ― let alone one with such close ties to the Democratic Party establishment like the Democracy Alliance.

And some of major liberal donors are leery about funding a movement known for aggressive tactics ― particularly one that has shown a willingness to train its fire on Democrats, including presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

According to a document obtained by Politico, Black Lives Matter leaders will be featured guests at a dinner Tuesday night with major Democracy Alliance members, where discussion will focus on what "support and resources" are needed for the organization right now.

Founded by left-wing billionaire George Soros and other wealthy liberals, the Democracy Alliance is the left's "most powerful network of political moneymen," and the Washington Free Beacon has reported extensively on its tactics and influence over Democratic Party politics and strategy. Many members wish to remain anonymous, and the DA has pledged to not disclose their identities if they so wish.