Rendell: Clinton Should Smile More


Hillary Clinton surrogate Ed Rendell told MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson on Thursday that Clinton should smile more during the upcoming presidential debates if she wants to be perceived as likable.

With the first debate set for Monday, Sept. 26, Jackson asked Rendell, a former Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, how Clinton could overcome her likability issues with voters and be seen as more authentic.

Rendell said the debates are not about which candidate is more likable but which nominee demonstrates to the American people that they have a "presidential caliber."

The former governor added that Clinton can be funny and he hopes she will be.

"Is that the advice you have given her?" Jackson asked.

"Yeah, I actually agree with [Republican National Committee chair] Reince Priebus," Rendell said. "Smile more."

Priebus critiqued Hillary Clinton earlier this month after a national security forum, saying she should smile more. Some people said the comment was perceived as sexist, which Jackson noted to Rendell.

Madeleine Weast

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Madeleine Weast is Assistant Social Media Editor for the Washington Free Beacon. She graduated from the University of Kansas in 2014. Prior to joining the Beacon, she was a Communications Fellow at The Charles Koch Institute. Madeleine is from Prairie Village, Kansas and lives in Washington, D.C. Her Twitter handle is @MadeleineWeast.

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