Poll Shows Public Trusts Trump Administration More Than Media

Donald Trump

An Emerson College poll released on Tuesday revealed President Donald Trump's administration is viewed as more truthful than the news media among American voters.

The poll shows 49 percent of the voters saw the administration as truthful, while 48 percent considered them the opposite.

The news media took a hit in this poll, showing 39 percent of the public sees them as honest, with a staggering 53 percent calling them "untruthful."

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The poll shows that the answers were split among party lines. Nearly 90 percent of Republicans saying they find the administration truthful, while 77 percent of Democrats believe the administration is dishonest.

But Democrats find the news media reliable, with 69 percent of Democrats calling it truthful. A colossal 91 percent of Republicans, however, find the news media untruthful.

According to the poll, that Independents are far more skeptical than Democrats or Republicans: 52 percent find the administration untruthful, and 47 percent find the news media untruthful.

The poll did not reveal who Independents find to be truthful.