Plouffe Dismisses IRS Conduct: Some Employees 'Did a Dumb Thing Here'

Plouffe: GOP 'drowned us in money' despite IRS targeting

Former White House senior advisor David Plouffe was sought to dismiss allegations of pervasive misconduct by IRS and Obama administration Sunday on "This Week."

Plouffe, despite numerous reports suggesting otherwise, said the IRS misconduct was restricted to a few employees in the Cincinnati office who "did a dumb thing."

Plouffe went out on to claim that the IRS targeting scandal could not possibly be that egregious because the GOP "drowned" Democrats in money last fall:

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: [...] I want to go back to one final question on the IRS with David. Given where it is right now, do you think President Obama has to be more aggressive and actually order a house-cleaning at the IRS?

DAVID PLOUFFE: Well, there's a review being undertaken by the acting commissioner that Secretary Lew ordered. You obviously have the Department of Justice looking into it. As I've said any number of congressional committees will spend months looking at this. So I think when that review is done, if action needs to be taken, action will be taken. I think that's what the American people want to know is, how do we make sure this doesn't happen again? There has to be trust in this agency. Obviously, I think that -- I want to mention, you know, the Crossroads, the Koch brothers, the Adelsons, they drowned us in money in the last election. So the notion that this was some sort of premeditated scheme to silence people could not be farther from the truth. There were some IRS employees who did a dumb thing here, in terms of managing a remarkable influx of applications, on the right and the left. They should have looked at everybody equally, they shouldn't have singled out anybody.