Peter King to MSNBC Host: 'Control Your Excitement' Over Investigations Into Trump

February 5, 2019

Rep. Peter King (R., N.Y.) told MSNBC host Katy Tur on Tuesday to control her "excitement" over the numerous investigations into President Donald Trump.

"Come on, hey, come on Katy, you’re so excited over this. You’re talking about all the potential, all that could be there, and so far nothing’s come out. And maybe it will, who knows?" King said.

At the beginning of her show, Tur talked about a report from Monday that federal investigators subpoenaed Trump’s inaugural committee to turn over all documents about donors, finances and activities. She then went to talk about the numerous of investigations that are looking into Trump's affairs.

"It's another investigation, add to the many investigations into the president, and he's the president of the United States, which warrants—  I'm not going to argue about our news coverage, because it warrants news coverage," Tur said.

"I'm not saying don't cover it. I'm saying try to control your excitement. Try to control your excitement a bit," King said.

"I'm perfectly in control, congressman," Tur said.

"I don't know," King said before Tur changed the subject.

Earlier in the interview, King, a member of the House intelligence committee, said he hasn't seen anything that incriminates Trump.

"I sat through, on the intelligence committee, almost all of the key witnesses, hours and hours and hours of sworn testimony. I've seen nothing at all that leads at all in any way to President Trump, or candidate Trump at that time ... and also, if the tour guides are Rick Gates and Michael Cohen, both of them pleaded guilty and are trying to make a deal for themselves. Again, anything can happen. I don't want to prejudge," King said.

"It sounds like you've decided you're not going to believe anything that comes out of this investigation," Tur said. "You just implied that Cohen and Gates are liars and trying to cooperate."

"Obviously, you know they're liars because they pleaded guilty. That doesn't mean they're lying now ... Let's see where it goes," King said.

King suggested the media would be more inclined toward patience and would wait for additional facts if they were talking about someone being investigated on the political left.

"It just shows the appetite of the media [when] they hear an investigation and presume someone is guilty. Unless, of course, it's someone who was on the left wing. If they're being investigated, then we have to talk about due process and civil rights and justice for all," he said.