Pelosi Thanks Al Sharpton for 'Saving America'

November 14, 2018

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) on Wednesday praised MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton and thanked him for "saving America."

Pelosi spoke at the National Action Network's (NAN) legislative and policy conference, where she laid out the Democratic Party's agenda before introducing Sharpton, who founded the non-profit civil rights organization in 1991. The organization was focused on turning out voters during the midterms.

"We are going to be visionary. We are going to be unifying. We are going to be healing. We are going to be transparent in how we do this. We are going to be respectful of other views, but we are going to try to find our common ground where we can," Pelosi said. "We have a responsibility to do that, but where we can't, stand our ground like a rock. That's what Thomas Jefferson advised us to do."

She went on to tell the conference attendees about how she has received so many letters and phone calls from people thanking her for "saving America." She then said that she would like to give the thanks to the attendees before she introduced Sharpton and thanked him for "saving America," in a clip first flagged by Grabien.

Sharpton, a progressive firebrand and outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, hosts MSNBC's "PoliticsNation" on Saturdays and Sundays and has been floated as a potential Democratic contender in the 2020 race to try to defeat Trump. Regarding a presidential run, Sharpton in AugustĀ told Buzzfeed that he never "rule[s]anything out."