Pelosi Heckled at Anti-Tax Cut Town Hall: ‘How Much Are You Worth, Nancy?’

February 21, 2018

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) was heckled Tuesday at an anti-tax reform town hall when an attendee interrupted her comment about inequality by asking about the congresswoman's wealth.

"The national budget should be a statement of our national values," Pelosi said at an event in Phoenix, arguing that Republicans are doing the "complete opposite."

Reading a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., Pelosi said it was wrong for people to live in "inordinate wealth" while others are in "abject, deadening poverty." The audience applauded as she then attempted to explain Americans’ struggles making ends meet.

"So these are kitchen table issues though for America's families," she said. "Most people are not in deadening poverty, but some are. But most people have to struggle to make ends meet—."

"How much are you worth, Nancy?" a woman yelled from the audience, asking if she was in "abject poverty."

Pelosi dismissed her.

"No, we’re not talking about that," Pelosi replied. "I’m a mother of five, I can speak louder than anybody."

Pelosi has vociferously criticized tax reform, calling it a "scam" and saying the benefits to middle-class Americans are "crumbs." Under her leadership, the Democrats have embarked on a national campaign against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The legislation, however, has gained popularity since its passage in December.

"This isn't about Democrats or Republicans; this is about the United States of America, about our children’s future," she said.

Republicans have targeted Pelosi’s comments about tax reform, releasing ads criticizing her and other Democrats for being "out of touch" by discounting benefits of tax cuts.

On Tuesday, Pelosi also suggested "mowing the grass" as a way to strengthen border security in lei of expanding the border wall.