Pelosi Accidentally Calls Trump 'President Bush' Again, Apologizes After Being Handed a Note

June 9, 2017

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) keeps confusing Donald Trump with George W. Bush.

During a press briefing on Friday morning, she again referred to "President Bush" when she was discussing Trump. Pelosi may have had Bush on the brain because she said earlier on "Morning Joe" that she wished the 43rd president was in the White House now.

"First, he tries to charm you," Pelosi said of Trump. "President Bush tries to charm you. If that doesn't work, he tries to bully you. If that doesn't work, he walks away."

One reporter interrupted to say "Trump" to correct her, but Pelosi ignored him.

A few minutes later, someone walked to the podium and handed her a note, apparently letting her know of the mistake.

"I said President Bush? I'm sorry, I meant to say—it's hard for me to say it," Pelosi said, evidently suggesting she did not want to say "President Trump." "Poor President Bush. I apologize."

On Feb. 6, Pelosi said shortly after Trump took office that she saw no part of the White House agenda that she could work with "President Bush" on.

In an interview on ABC's "This Week" on April 30, she made the mistake again and apologized to Bush, joking she wished Bush was president again.