Pal of Spitzer’s Call-Girl to Host Clinton Fundraiser

Ashley Dupre / AP

Former president Bill Clinton will be attending a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) fundraiser hosted by Jim Chanos, who employed the high-priced call girl made famous by Eliot Spitzer as his "house-sitter." She called him "Uncle Jim."

The hedge-fund manager is famous for his wild weeklong beach parties at his Hamptons mansion, and call girl Ashley Dupre was a regular visitor to the house.

Other party-goers told the New York Post that Chanos would introduce Dupre as his "house-sitter."

"I met Ashley there. Jim said she house-sits his house," said Varshini Soobiah, who attended a party at Chanos' house and became friends with Dupre there.

Chanos will be hosting a DCCC fundraiser in New York City that will be headlined by Clinton, according to Politico Pro. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and DCCC Chairman Steve Israel are scheduled to co-host the event.

Chanos, who donated more than $100,000 to Spitzer's political campaigns, does not deny his relationship with Dupre.

"I know her. She’s a nice person," Chanos told the Post. "She is one of many young ladies I have spent time with around town. I have had her to my home, but I never dated her and I never introduced her to Eliot Spitzer. I had no idea she was a high-priced call girl."

Spitzer was forced to resign as governor of New York after his relationship with Dupre came to light.