Obama Undercuts Hillary: ‘Founders Understood The System Works Better When New Blood Comes In’

• March 27, 2015 12:58 pm


President Obama unwittingly undercut Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, calling for new blood in government.

In a surprise to Sen. Harry Reid who announced Friday that he would not seek reelection, Obama called into a NPR show to express his appreciation for the help Reid has given him.

"I think what Harry understands is the same thing I understand and the founding fathers understood: The system works better when over time, some new blood comes in," Obama said.

Obama’s remarks highlight one of Clinton’s biggest problems: Clinton fatigue. Having been in the national spotlight for two decades, many Democrats are concerned that a young and energetic Republican candidate like Scott Walker or Marco Rubio could draw a contrast saying Clinton represents the past while they represent the future.

With Clinton struggling out of the gate as the election season ramps up, Obama’s comments are sure to come back to be used against her. Conservatives can celebrate that the two men in D.C. they hate the most will be on their way out in less than two years.

"I'm going to miss him. But the good thing is that I'm going to leave this place at the same time," Obama said.