Former Reid Adviser Criticizes Former Obama Officials

Former Pres. Barack Obama and former Sen. Harry Reid / Getty Images

Former Harry Reid communications adviser Jim Manley criticized Obama campaign manager David Plouffe for his role at Uber in a vulgar tweet Monday.

"All the Obama types like David Plouffe that went to work for the corrupt as shit company can suck it," Manley wrote.

The tweet comesĀ in the wake of the news that Uber senior vice president Emil Michael is leaving the company.

Michael had previously floated the idea of hiring opposition researchers or journalists at a dinner with Ben Smith from BuzzFeed while forgetting to say the meeting was off the record. The goal of this planned initiative was to smear a female journalist who had criticized the company.

Plouffe was not the only former Obama official to work with Uber. Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder worked for Uber to investigate allegations of sexual harassment and sexism within the company.

Plouffe has run into legal troubles with his work for Uber after illegally lobbying Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel without registering as a lobbyist. Plouffe received a fine of $90,000.