Obama Adviser an Admirer of Greatest Living President

Plouffe praises Bush's political abilities

Former White House adviser and Obama campaign manager David Plouffe gushed about the political abilities of former President George W. Bush during a podcast with Outkick the Coverage‘s Clay Travis.

Plouffe spoke about the surprises he's witnessed during his career in politics, for instance the rise of Bush to the presidency in 2000 during an economic climate that was positive for the incumbent Democratic Vice President Al Gore.

"You look at George Bush," Plouffe said. "We had to study a lot of the Bush campaigns for our races, right? You watch those debates against Al Gore in 2000. What political performances! George Bush performed at such a high level in 2000, and you could see why he won an election even though the economy was doing exceedingly well, and you would think people would just want to pass the baton from Clinton to Gore."

The 2000 campaign included the notorious debate where Gore openly sighed during Bush's answers, and another town hall debate where Gore strangely entered Bush's personal space and was dismissed with a nod.