Netanyahu Is America’s Favorite Foreign Democratically Elected Male Leader

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu / Getty Images

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is America's most admired foreign democratically elected male leader, according to an annual Gallup survey.

Netanyahu was ninth overall on the list of most admired men by Americans, with about 1 percent of respondents naming him. He is currently the second-longest serving prime minister in Israel's history after David Ben-Gurion.

The Dalai Lama was 11th on the list.

Former President Barack Obama was America's most admired man for the 10th year in a row, getting 17 percent of the vote. President Donald Trump finished second at 14 percent.

Pope Francis finished third in the survey of most admired men; he is head of state of Vatican City, although he is not democratically elected.

Hillary Clinton was the most admired woman in the world by Americans for the 16th straight year at 9 percent, with former First Lady Michelle Obama next at 7 percent. German Chancellor Angela Markel was fifth overall among women with 2 percent of respondents naming her.