MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Compares Democratic Candidates to Robots

Krystal Ball disparaged Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders, calling them "robots" in a three-minute rant to finish The Cycle on Tuesday.

She criticized the Democratic presidential candidates for their performances at Netroots Nation, calling them both "tone deaf, " hitting O’Malley for saying, "All lives matter."

Despite "all lives matter" being a typically innocuous statement, O’Malley was heavily booed. Members of the Black Lives Matter movement said comments like Clinton’s and O’Malley’s show how the candidates do not understand the purpose of their protest.

The MSNBC co-anchor said "a thinking human could have discerned that the point of the protest is to proclaim while all lives matter, not all lives are equally under threat."

Under those guidelines, Stephen A. Smith, a leading voice for race relations in sports, is not a "thinking human."

Ball also hit Hillary Clinton for the "plastic smile" on her face during the parade while her aides kept press members behind a rope line and quoting Liz Mair's Daily Beast article about whether Americans indeed deserved "bloodless, condescending" campaigns like hers.