MSNBC: The Clintons Have ‘Lived like Kings and Queens’

Joe Scarborough said Tuesday that Hillary Clinton deserves the same scrutiny on her wealth that Mitt Romney faced when running for president.

Scarborough responded to a New York Times article highlighting New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s "indulgences" since he took office.

"Would we like to count the nights the Clintons have been around Bono, Beyoncé, rock stars, kings, queens? [They] have lived an extraordinary, lavish life that very few people, not only in America but on the planet–they have lived like queens and kings," Scarborough said on Morning Joe.

The Clintons have gotten a pass from having their wealth examined because of their perceived humble beginnings in rural Arkansas.

That may change as the 2016 campaigns ramp up. Republicans have jumped on Hillary for her "dead broke" comment about her six-figure speaking fees and plan to paint her as an out-of-touch, elitist insider.

"I'm just curious if the New York Times is going to write a story about Hillary Clinton and the lifestyle that she has led over the past 30 years along these lines," Scarborough said.