MSNBC Panelist: Clinton Shouldn't Throw Stones When it Comes to Finances

June 9, 2015

A panelist on MSNBC’s Now With Alex Wagner, said Hillary Clinton should not throw stones when it comes to personal finances.

The MSNBC panel discussed a New York Times story about the personal finances of Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.). The story highlights Rubio’s personal finance decision in buying an $80,000 boat.

Bloomberg’s Megan McArdle doesn’t think the story will have much effect on Rubio’s presidential campaign.

"I don't think that it matters that much on the--we don't look at people's personal finances and extrapolate them to how they will run the country because people understand that it's different," McArdle said. "Also, it's not really a charge that Hillary Clinton isn’t a good position to make."

Host Alex Wagner defended Clinton and argued that Clinton ‘amassed’ their fortune.

McArdle responded with the ‘Marc Rich pardons.’

The Marc Rich pardons are a reference to the time when President Bill Clinton pardoned convicted criminal Marc Rich after Rich’s wife had donated money to the Clinton Foundation Library.

"I wouldn’t start throwing that stone if I were Hillary, because it’s going to bounce back," McArdle said.

Editor-in-Chief of Café Blake Zeff said that the Rubio story probably didn’t come from Clinton but instead other Republicans.

"The Free Beacon said American Bridge, which is definitely not a Republican-leaning organization, were the ones who got his traffic tickets," McArdle said.