MSNBC Host Asks Dem Rep Whether She’s ‘Pelosi’s Puppet’

Jacky Rosen: 'I'm a woman who speaks her mind'

MSNBC host Hallie Jackson on Wednesday asked Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen (Nev.) whether she is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's (D., Calif.) "puppet," to which the Nevada Democrat responded, "I'm a woman who speaks her mind."

Jackson asked Rosen, who is running to unseat Republican Sen. Dean Heller (Nev.) in the 2018 midterm elections, whether she is "Pelosi's puppet."

"I think that anybody who knows me knows that I'm a woman who speaks her mind, who has the conviction to listen to people, to go forward, and look at things in a holistic way," Rosen said. "That's how I was socialized as a systems analyst. That's how I continue to govern. I have a lot of friends on both sides of the aisle."

"I'm going to continue to do what is right for my district while I'm here in Congress, and what's right for Nevada when I win this Senate seat," Rosen added.

Pelosi was not the only Democrat from whom Rosen appeared to distance herself on Wednesday. Earlier in her MSNBC interview, Rosen dodged a question on whether former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) encouraged her to run to unseat Heller.

Rosen has voted with Pelosi 91 percent of the time in Congress.

UPDATE: 3:40 P.M.: This article was updated with information on Rosen's voting history.