MSNBC Guest: GOP Wants a ‘One-Party State,’ With Trump Ruling as an ‘Autocrat’

An MSNBC guest said the Republican party wants a "one-party state" and President Donald Trump wants to rule the state as an "autocrat" during an appearance on MSNBC's AM Joy on Saturday.

Host Joy Reid asked guest Sarah Kendzior, a journalist, about Democrats trying to work with Trump on legislation while also investigating the administration.

"Is it off-key for Democrats to be trying to say they're holding the administration accountable, but also be saying but we're also going to do all these other things to get him to sign them?" Reid asked.

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"I don't know why they're putting any good faith into this administration. I don't know why they're not taking seriously the fact that this is indeed a criminal enterprise, that our sovereignty is threatened, that Trump's own people don't seem to have total control of the government. They're influenced by outside parties," Kendzior said. "There are obviously things that Congress needs to be doing. What we have seen on the GOP end is obstructionism that is aimed at making American citizens weaker, making them less likely to fight back. I think the health care bill is an example of that."

"They do not want an engaged citizenry. They're going after voting rights. They're going after civil rights. They want a one-party state. That is what the GOP seeks, and Trump wants to be autocrat with that state behind them. And they've been working in tandem, they've been doing it successfully. This idea that they're incompetent is a myth. They're extremely competent. They're just not interested in the actual process of governing, they're interested in ruling.

The comments were first reported on by Mediaite.

Kendzior is a frequent guest on AM Joy.