MSNBC Anchor Has Gush Fest With Clinton Aide

November 8, 2016

MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin was chummy with Hillary Clinton's deputy communications director, Kristina Schake, on Tuesday morning, asking her not to forget about him "when you move down to Washington and you take a job inside the West Wing."

Near the end of the interview on Election Day, Schake went through a list of talking points praising Clinton.

"One of the hallmarks of Hillary's career, her entire life in public service, is she's always worked across the aisle and found common ground," Schake said. "Every major accomplishment of her life from children's health insurance to improving the foster care system to make kids adopted."

Melvin interrupted Schake and joked that she was still on message with her talking points.

"Kristina Schake always on message," Melvin said

"You know, Craig, I just want to thank you so much for the thoughtful and fair, insightful coverage to inform your viewers during this election. Thank you very much," Schake said.

"Thank you very much. When you move down to Washington and you take a job inside the West Wing, don't you forget about us if you guys win this thing," Melvin responded.

The interview took place hours before the polls were set to close.