Morning Joe Panel Hits Obama Over Poor Brussels Response, Dancing In Argentina

• March 24, 2016 8:43 am


The panel on MSNBC's Morning Joe hit President Obama hard on Thursday for his response to the terrorist bombings in Brussels, Belgium.

Obama, who was in Cuba at the time of the attack, devoted little time to talking about the attack when he spoke to reporters. After Obama left Cuba, he traveled to Argentina where he was seen doing the tango at a State Dinner.

"I was critical yesterday, I think of the optics of the baseball game. I'm not saying he shouldn't have gone, I feel like it should have been handled differently, everything about it," host Mika Brzezinski said.

"The advance person who let him do the tango, that person ought to be looking for work on somebody's campaign very, very far away. That was a tremendous mistake," said Richard Haas, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Guest co-host Nicolle Wallace was less kind to Obama.

"I think Michael Hayden offered the best explanation for it. These were not advance staff gaffes, I mean it's so easy to blame the staff, that's not who this was. This was Obama's policy choice. His policy choice was to proceed with everything on his schedule and not to react to the threat of terrorism, and that is his prerogative," Wallace said.

"It puts him vastly out of step with the entire American public, not just Republicans. You heard Democrats yesterday, increasingly uncomfortable with the choices he makes at a moment of crisis."