Michael Moore Fought With Wife Over 10,000-Square-Foot Home

Revelations from Moore's divorce harm his 'blue-collar' image

An NBC segment titled "‘Moore' Money, More Problems" highlighted the vast wealth of filmmaker Michael Moore, which has been exposed by his recent divorce and shocked some of his fans.¬†

Moore, whom NBC described as cultivating a "blue-collar, down-to-earth image", owns nine homes in Michigan and New York.

Documents from the divorce reveal that Moore quarreled with his wife about her plans to expand their $2 million, 10,000-square-foot lakefront mansion in Michigan.

Madonna and Bruce Willis are rumored to have homes in the same neighborhood.

Moore was once an enthusiastic participant in the Occupy Wall Street movement, rallying against the "one percent."

He also recently endorsed Sandra Fluke for the California state senate, yet failed to save her from a runoff in November.