McCaskill Goes After 'Crazy' Democrats, Criticizes Warren Despite Taking Money From Her

October 30, 2018

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) specified what she means by "crazy" Democrats, criticizing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) in remarks to Fox News' Bret Baier Monday.

McCaskill's campaign recently released a radio ad which features a man saying, "Claire's not one of those crazy Democrats." Baier asked her who those Democrats are, and McCaskill referenced a state senator in Missouri named Maria Chappelle-Nadal, who last year was censured by the Missouri Senate for saying President Donald Trump should be assassinated.

"The crazy Democrats are people who walk in restaurants and scream in elected officials' faces. The crazy democrats are—we have a state senator here in Missouri that actually advocated for the assassination of President Trump. That's a crazy Democrat," McCaskill said. "I don't do those things. I am not somebody who thinks we should ever be uncivil. I think what most Missourians want is for us to listen to each other, figure out where we can compromise, not scream in each other's faces, not call each other names, so I'm really talking about civility here. I'm talking about being polite, having good manners."

Baier then asked her to clarify if there is a crazy Democrat in the U.S. Senate.

"I would not call my colleagues crazy, but Elizabeth Warren sure went after me when I advocated tooling back some of the regulations for small banks and credit unions," McCaskill responded.

FEC records show McCaskill's campaign accepted $10,000 from Warren's PAC For A Level Playing Field.

Missouri Rising Action, an independent Super PAC, released an ad painting McCaskill as untrustworthy for Democratic voters.

Earlier this month, a video surfaced of McCaskill telling supporters she is not worried about losing votes in Missouri's "bootheel," the rural southeastern tip of the state.

"If we do our job in St. Louis County, you know, I can give up a few votes in the bootheel," McCaskill said.

The RealClearPolitics polling average shows McCaskill trailing Republican Josh Hawley, the state attorney general, by 2 points.