Mark Pryor’s The ‘Entitled’ One, Not Tom Cotton

You have two candidates in the Arkansas U.S. Senate race.

One is the incumbent, a political scion who won his father's old seat in 2002 and relies heavily on the fame of his last name. The other is an Iraq War veteran who bypassed a lucrative legal career out of Harvard to volunteer for the U.S. Army infantry before entering Congress.

Yet the first man, Democrat Mark Pryor, has described the second, Republican Tom Cotton, as having a "sense of entitlement" about his military service and also feeling "entitled" to be in the Senate because of his tenure in the House of Representatives.

Pryor, on the other hand, is the son of famed Sen. David Pryor, described as a political mentor for former president Bill Clinton. The older Pryor is campaigning hard to save his son's race and, as the Washington Post put it, "preserve" an "Arkansas dynasty."

That kind of rhetoric hasn't paid off for Pryor in the polls, who trails his challenger in the polls with less than three weeks until Election Day.