NJ Sen. Lautenberg Calls for Boycott of Own Consitutents

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D., N.J.) appeared to advocate for a boycott of an American company because its owners disagree with his political views, Powerline reports.

During remarks on the Senate floor, Lautenberg chastised the Koch brothers—who own many New Jersey-based companies that produce a range of common products—for advocating in favor of Republicans.

According to Powerline:

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First, "disclosure" almost always sounds like a good thing. But Lautenberg’s call for a boycott reminds us why some businessmen do not want their 501(c)(4) contributions made public. Liberals frequently are vicious. Lautenberg isn’t the first Democrat (although I believe he is the first Senator or Congressman) to advocate a boycott of products produced by companies that are owned or managed by individuals who contribute to Republican candidates. And a boycott is hardly the worst-case scenario: conservatives have been been victims of "SWATing," which potentially can be life-threatening, and the Koch brothers themselves frequently receive death threats from liberals. Such concerns explain why the Supreme Court has held that private organizations may have a constitutional right to keep their memberships private.

Second, Lautenberg is so carried away by hateful partisanship that he wants his own constituents to suffer economically. Koch Industries has operations in New Jersey, which Lautenberg represents. In fact, six different subsidiaries of Georgia Pacific, whose products Lautenberg attacked by name, have employees in New Jersey. Even though his home state is hurting economically, Lautenberg doesn’t care. He is such a bitter partisan that he is willing to betray his own constituents.