Larry the Cable Guy: Hillary Clinton Will Be the ‘End of the Country’

Comedian Larry the Cable Guy said that electing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton president would be the "end of the country" during an appearance Tuesday on Fox & Friends.

Asked for his take on the volatile 2016 election, the comedian quipped that he was a "Trump man, and when I say Trump man, I mean Gary Johnson." He said he knew who he was not voting for, and that was Hillary Clinton.

Decrying the breakdown in civility in politics, he said whomever he picked, he would be pilloried for it.

"They want to give you death threats," he said. "It’s like nobody’s civil. Ever since social media came along, everybody’s a jerk, everybody’s an idiot … You’re always a racist, no matter what. If they don’t agree with you, no matter what you say, they throw that out, it’s so frustrating. But you know, Hillary will be the end of the country. That’s all I’ve got to say."

"OK, so you’re still on the fence?" Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade joked.