Kentucky Governor Offering Honor of Demolishing Building in Auction for Charity

Gov. Matt Bevin
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin / Getty Images

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R.) is offering the chance to demolish a 330-foot tall government building in an online auction for charity.

The Capital Plaza Tower will meet its end on Sunday in an implosion, and the pushing of the plunger will go to the winner of a charity Bevin's wife started for foster children in Kentucky, the Associated Press reports.

The auction is being held on eBay and has, as of Tuesday evening, a high bid of $3,000. It is being billed as a "Bid to Ceremonially ‘Blow Up Bureaucracy.’"

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The auction site features a picture of Bevin holding a picture of the Capital Plaza Tower and the plunger for the demolition. The auction will end on Saturday, in time for Sunday's event.

The Capital Plaza Tower is the tallest building in Frankfurt, Kentucky and it opened in 1972. It was closed in 2016.

Several states, such as Kentucky, have had their social service programs strained as a result of the opioid epidemic. Many parents are addicted, incarcerated, or in rehabilitation, leaving many children in the foster care systems.