Jeanne Shaheen Admits To Voting WIth Obama 99% Of Time

Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D., NH) admitted Tuesday night that she has voted with President Barack Obama 99 percent of the time.

At her second debate against Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown, Shaheen conceded the fact after being pressed by a debate moderator.

After reminding Shaheen of her voting record, the moderator questioned Shaheen: "How does your voting record sort of jive with serving the citizens of New Hampshire?"

Faced with the facts, Shaheen admitted to the number and tried to pivot.

"Scott Brown talks a lot about one survey and 99 percent of the time I voted with the president," Shaheen said. "But the numbers I'm proudest of are the 259 people now working at the Berlin prison because I was able to get the prison open after it sat empty for two years."