Jailed Virginia Dem Reelected Last Week Charged With Four More Felonies

Following police raid on office, Joe Morrissey charged with perjury

Virginia Del. Joseph D. Morrissey / AP
• January 21, 2015 11:16 am


Virginia Democratic Delegate Joe Morrissey, who was reelected last week as he sat in a jail cell, was charged with four further felonies on Wednesday stemming from allegations that his legal team used forged documents during its defense of Morrissey's sexual relationship with a teenage girl.

The night before Morrissey ran in a special election to keep his seat in the state House of Delegates, police investigators raided his law office due to evidence of fraud by Morrissey and his lawyers. A week later, that raid resulted in four new felony charges against Morrissey, according to Richmond Times-Dispatch reporter Markus Schmidt.

The Washington Free Beacon obtained the warrant used to search Morrissey's office, which presents evidence that Morrissey knowingly submitted a falsified document during his sentencing hearing. He faced charges that could have put him behind bars for 41 years, but was sentenced to only six months and was able to keep his delegate seat.

The new charges against Morrissey include felony uttering a forged public record, felony conspiracy to utter a forged record, felony inducing perjury, and perjury. Morrissey told Schmidt on Wednesday that the allegations are false and that he has proof that the documents are authentic.

Morrissey has been active in the state legislature since his reelection thanks to his acceptance into the jail's work release program.  He even co-sponsored legislation to hike state taxes on tobacco.

The search warrant for the premises of Morrissey’s law firm can be read in entirety below:

Morrissey and Goldman Search Warrant by Washington Free Beacon