HuffPost Publishes Unedited, Completely Incomprehensible Op-Ed


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August 1, 2017

HuffPost published an op-ed Monday that was riddled with errors and noticeably unedited.

"Can Katrina Pierson Save Her #MAGA White House?" asked HuffPost contributor Pablo Manriquez, the co-Founder of K Street Media.

The first sentence of the blog post is nonsensical: "It was fate put that Katrina Pierson knew was right long before POTUS forced Reince Preibus to resign last week as White House Chief of Staff."

"Sure Katrina knows POTUS. Katrina translates candidate Trump every day, even on the muslim ban, during the earliest days of the presidency, when POTUS and Jared apparently never read any of the briefing materials," Manriquez continued, without regard for capitalization or verb tense.

Here are some other examples of Manriquez's unique prose:

"With Reince’s ousting last week, the seriously formidable elephant in the Oval, blocking Katrina’s ascension the #MAGA White House she’d won for Donald Trump by squaring off on-air with any and all challengers #MAGA’s original and still undefeated political pit fighting champion of the cable news universe, Katrina Pierson."

"The fastest melting snowflake in #MAGA America is a longtime Beltway Bureaucrat confronted with simple, direct questions seeking to understand their value add to taxpayers who get taxed to pay for the bloated mess of snake oil advocates paid to undermine the accountability that keeps Washington bloated and worthless, but most importantly insulated from real change through public scrutiny."

The blog post contains numerous spelling errors, referring at various points to "Karina" Pierson, Stephen "Millar," and Reince "Preibus."

Manriquez's bio indicates he was raised in Chile, which may explain his unfamiliarity with written English.

HuffPost explained that the piece was "self-published" by the author and has since been taken down, though Manriquez has been invited to repost a "corrected version."

"The piece was self-published by the contributor on our contributors platform, which does not get reviewed by staff editors prior to publication," HuffPost told the Washington Free Beacon. "In this case, we've unpublished the piece and invited the contributor to repost a corrected version."

UPDATED Aug. 2, 11:57 A.M.: This post was updated to include a statement from HuffPost.

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