Harrington: Trump Smart to Make Play for Sanders Supporters

The Washington Free Beacon's Elizabeth Harrington discussed Republican nominee Donald Trump's grab for Bernie Sanders voters Monday with Fox Business host Lou Dobbs.

Dobb's talked with Harrington and the American Conservative Union's Matt Schalpp about Trump's attempt to gain the support from Sander's base voters, many of whom have expressed contempt for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

In reference to Trump, Dobbs said, "He is almost suggesting that all those Bernie supporters should immediately run to him and he has been doing it since his acceptance speech."

Harrington agreed, "Absolutely. I think it's a smart strategy for him because there's clearly lots of overlap between Bernie supporters and Trump. You have Bernie supporters yelling 'Lock her up' today. They're stealing the GOP slogan during the convention."

Sander's supporters chanted, "Lock her up" during a march Sunday night in Philidelphia before the start of the convention, with some of the supporters spotted wearing, "Hillary For Prison" shirts. The exact same chant rallied delegates at the Republican National Convention the week before.

"I think lots of Bernie Sanders supporters are going to stay home. I think some will vote third-party but I think some will go to Trump because there's lots of overlap on some of these issues," Harrington said.