Harrington On Trump: Typical Democratic Playbook Won’t Work


On Fox News Monday, the Washington Free Beacon‘s Elizabeth Harrington discussed the attacks on Republican frontrunner Donald Trump by the Democrats, saying that the typical attack playbook will not work on him.

Happening Now co-host Jon Scott spoke to Harrington about how it's becoming more evident that Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is starting to aim her campaign at attacking Trump. He asked her if this race is going to end up being between Clinton and Trump.

Harrington responded by saying that this may be true but she does not "think the typical democratic playbook that they've used against Republicans in the past is going to work with Trump."

She continued by citing the attack campaign on Mitt Romney in 2012.

Democrats were very successful by bringing out his past employees and clients and brand him as someone who was out of touch and didn't care about the typical American voter. Trump is the master of branding and you're not going to be able to brand him in that way, regardless of whether the true facts about some of his past business failures, that does not matter because the Trump name is synonymous with success. And, I think people are attracted to that becuase they want– if they are looking for an outsider who can shake things up in Washington, Trump already has the brand and Democrats, like Hillary, will not be able to brand him in another way.

Harrington continued to explain that when people attack Trump, it plays into his hand. She used the example of Priorities USA Action, a PAC that supports Hillary Clinton, who said that they were going to start running attack ads on the Republican front-runner. These attack ads will showcase how politically incorrect and unfit he is for the presidency. The attacks will include his offensive comments against women, and Harrington defined how this tactic only increases his popularity among voters.

One of the biggest appeals he has is that he is politically incorrect. The offensive comments that might hurt him might be with women, but those are Democratic women who probably aren't big fans of Trump anyways, that he wouldn't be relying on to support him.

She continued to discuss how Trump will "throw out what sticks" with Hillary Clinton. This would include her dishonesty and untrustworthiness.

Harrington ended the segment with how it will be an unconventional general election if it should be between Clinton and Trump because the public will see "states on the map that haven't been in play for Republicans in decades."

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