Hannity Calls Out Megyn Kelly Over Maddow's 'Malpractice': 'Are You Proud of That Reporting?'

October 26, 2017

Fox News host Sean Hannity called out a former colleague on Wednesday during a rant against MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow for going "beyond media malpractice" during her interview with former Attorney General Eric Holder earlier in the week.

The House Intelligence Committee announced last week it was going to start a probe into circumstances surrounding the so-called Uranium One deal, an Obama-era sale of a uranium mining company to Russia's Atomic Energy Agency, Rosatom, that was approved by the Obama administration in 2010, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Information from the FBI informant and court documents about a criminal investigation and prosecution of Russian officials for bribery—and whether key U.S. government agencies knew about the probe—are raising new questions about the uranium deal and whether the United States should have approved it.

New details about the extensive Russian bribery scheme and the U.S. government's prosecution of it, reported by the Hill newspaper and Circa News, also has drawn renewed attention to millions of dollars the Clintons received from Russians with ties to the state-owned entity involved in the acquisition.

"The media is just barely, and clearly reluctantly, only now starting to cover this story, " Hannity said on Wednesday night in a clip flagged by Mediaite. "Here's a perfect example, Rachel Maddow and her cult of viewers over at 'MSNBC conspiracy TV,' they had former attorney general Eric Holder on the show on Monday. She didn't ask him a single question about Uranium One and Maddow has probably been one of the biggest proponents of pushing the false narrative lies about Trump-Russia collusion."

Hannity went on to say Holder at the time was overseeing the FBI as the head of the Department of Justice and was one of the nine voting members, along with Hillary Clinton, on the committee that approved Uranium One. Hannity reiterated his criticism of Maddow, calling the interview "media malpractice," and asked her MSNBC colleagues if they were "proud" of the interview.

"This is beyond media malpractice," Hannity said. "By the way, are all of you people at NBC News proud? Lester Holt? Matt Lauer? Are you guys proud of this? Megyn Kelly, are you proud of that reporting?"

"Maddow has done a tremendous disservice to you, the American people, who deserve to know the truth in all of this," Hannity added.