Green Ball Slashes Prices to Attend

2009 Green Inaugural Ball (Flickr user Live_Earth)
• January 16, 2013 11:31 am


The green lobby is apparently not flocking to Washington to celebrate President Barack Obama’s second inauguration even though the the president’s energy policies have slowed oil drilling on federal lands and boosted green energy technologies. The Green Inaugural Ball is offering reduced price tickets on Groupon, cutting the price for both the basic and VIP tickets significantly.

Groupon is pitching the event as a "black tie celebration of environmental successes with celebrities, senators, and personnel from the EPA on the eve of the inauguration."

Groupon notes that Al Gore and Maroon 5 attended the 2009 event and invites attendees to "brush elbows with current members of Congress, including Massachusetts House member Ed Markey and Minnesota Senator Al Franken, as they brainstorm about oil alternatives and clean technology."

The basic ticket, sold originally for $400, is now selling for $250. The VIP ticket, which grants the buyer access to special VIP areas and a full bar, is now selling for $1300, down from the original $1950.

The event boasts a musical lineup including, Guns N’ Roses’ Matt Sorum, and Alicia Keys’ producer Onree Gill. Several Washington Redskins players are also scheduled to attend.

Groupon also provides advice for how to talk to celebrities, including inviting them to play tennis with you and tugging on their hair.