Granholm on Hillary Clinton’s Speaking Fees: $600,000 is a ‘Huge Number’

• February 4, 2016 7:41 pm


Clinton surrogate Jennifer Granholm admitted Thursday that the more than $600,000 Hillary Clinton has received from giving Wall Street speeches is a "huge number."

Granholm tried to show that money did not influence Clinton’s decision-making by drawing a comparison to a journalist accepting speaking fees, but ended up admitting that the amount of money Clinton made is beyond comparison.

"Her point that she made at the end of that was, name one thing that they have gotten as a result of paying for a speech," Granholm said, referring to Clinton’s remarks at a CNN town hall Wednesday night. "You know, I mean, journalists, I'm sure you probably are part of a speakers bureau too, or at least a lot of journalists are—"

MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall was quick to reject Granholm’s comparison.

"No, I don't get paid for speeches," Hall said.

"Well, some do, some do, some do," Granholm said.

"But I don't," Hall said.

Granholm made the comparison anyway.

"But the point is … you're not compromised. Because somebody is paying you for a speech doesn't mean that all of a sudden you are not neutral as a journalist," Granholm said.

However, Hall pointed out that Clinton made a staggering profit—far more than the average journalist would make.

"But when the dollar figure is $600,000 plus…" Hall said, trailing off suggestively.

Granholm admitted that the fee was very high.

"It’s a huge number," Granholm said.

Since 2001, Clinton and her husband have made over $125 million in speaking fees. Meanwhile, on the campaign trail, Clinton advocates against income inequality and habitually says that "no bank is too big to fail."