Gorsuch Fights Back False Accusations on His Case History: 'I'm a Fair Judge'

March 22, 2017

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch corrected Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) on Tuesday after she implied that given what she knows of his background, he would not give workers "a fair shot."

Feinstein wanted Gorsuch to provide proof that he would be "fair" to workers in his court rulings should he become a Supreme Court Justice, Hot Air reported on Tuesday.

"So, I'm just looking for something that would indicate that you would give a worker a fair shot," she said. "Maybe it's in your background somewhere that I don’t know about. But, I'd like to have you respond to it any way you can."

Gorsuch referenced two cases that were brought up in his hearing on Monday, saying that those do not accurately reflect the vast majority of his cases.

"Senator, I know a case or two has been mentioned yesterday," he said. "Respectfully, I’d suggest that does not represent the body of my work."

He said that he has been part of 2,700 cases and rulings through his career as a judge, which has spanned over ten and a half years.

"I’ve written two thousand—I’ve participated in 2,700 opinions over ten and a half years," he said. "And if you want cases where I’ve ruled for 'the little guy,' as well as 'the big guy,' there are plenty of them, Senator. "

Feinstein asked if he would be willing to submit some of the cases that would answer her question. Gorsuch said that he could name "a bunch" of cases off the top of his head.

"Oh, I’ll name a bunch them right now," he said.

He went on to name cases that would support the claim that he has sided with workers.

Feinstein said that was "wonderful" and that she would find the cases and read them.

Gorsuch continued, pointing out that he was a fair judge and would continue that should he become a justice.

"And Senator, the bottom line, I think. is that I’d like to convey to you from the bottom of my heart is that I’m a fair judge," he said. "And Senator, I can’t guarantee you more than that—but I can promise you absolutely nothing less."