GOP Congressman: I Would Support Pelosi for Speaker, If She Agreed to Rule Reforms

Nancy Pelosi / Getty Images


Republican Rep. Tom Reed (N.Y.) said on Thursday that he would be willing to support House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) to be the next speaker of the House if she agreed to enact a package of rule reforms that he supports.

"I would be willing, as a Republican on the floor of the House, to support a Speaker candidate, including Nancy Pelosi, who supports these rule reforms," Reed said at an event at American University's School of Public Affairs and the Kennedy Political Union, The Hill reported.

In his remarks, Reed indicated there are other Republican members who believe in the reforms and might also be willing to vote with Pelosi.

"There are other members that are as committed as I am to this on the Republican side that are willing to do that. But I’ll let them address it individually."

Democrats are preparing to take back the House of Representatives in January, but in the meantime, a fight has broken out among party members to determine will lead the new Congress. Pelosi, a former speaker, is running for the top spot again but faces opposition from numerous Democrats who are looking for a change at the top. Seventeen Democrats have signed a letter pledging not to support Pelosi to be the next speaker in a floor vote. Other Democrats agree but have not signed onto the letter.

Democrats opposing Pelosi have encouraged Rep. Marcia Fudge (D., Ohio) to challenge her. If Fudge or someone else decides to do so, it could increase the possibility of Pelosi needing Republican support in the January floor vote.

Last week, President Donald Trump said Pelosi "deserves" to be the next speaker and could gain Republican votes.

When asked about courting Republican support, Pelosi said she would refuse Republican offers of help.

"I intend to win the Speakership with Democratic votes," she said.

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