GOP Ad: ‘Hillary Clinton: Bad Judgment, Deadly Consequences’

• December 8, 2015 11:04 am


GOP super PAC Future 45 launched a new advertisement Tuesday titled "Consequences" profiling former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy failings in Syria.

"Hundreds of thousands dead, terrorists on the march," the female narrator says. "Where did it go wrong?"

The 30-second ad recalls Clinton’s "bad judgment" of Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad, who has used barrel bombs and poison gas to massacre Sunni Muslims.

"In 2009, Hillary Clinton led the engagement with Assad," says the narrator, referring to Clinton’s first year as secretary of state, when she "spearheaded easing sanctions" and "restored an ambassador to Damascus."

Clinton’s failed Syria policy and poor judgment, the ad claims, had disastrous effects.

"But Clinton was wrong about Assad," the ad says. "The consequences?"

Clinton herself then appears in a clip from a June 2014 appearance at the Council on Foreign Relations and acknowledges that she underestimated the effectiveness of the Islamic State.

"I could not have predicted the extent to which ISIS [the Islamic State] could be effective," Clinton says.

"Hillary Clinton, bad judgment, deadly consequences," the ad concludes.

Clinton’s June 2014 admonition also came up during the November 14 CBS Democratic debate. Host John Dickerson questioned how Clinton’s blindness in the past is related to her confident vision for the future.

"So you've got prescriptions for the future. But how– how do we know if those prescriptions are any good if you missed it in the past?" he asked.

Future 45 has also run ads that feature Clinton taking responsibility for Obama’s foreign policy – in which Americans are now steadily losing faith.

A new CNN/ORC poll revealed that 65 percent of Americans do not approve of the president’s treatment of the Islamic State. Sixty-eight percent also agree that his response to the Islamic State has not been aggressive enough.