Gayle King Asks Gary Cohn What a 'Nice, Registered Democrat Boy' Like Him Is Doing Working in a GOP Admin

May 1, 2017

CBS host Gayle King asked White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn on Monday why he would work in a Republican administration as a registered Democrat.

"What's a nice, registered Democrat boy doing working in a Republican administration?" King asked Cohn, President Trump's National Economic Council director, on "CBS This Morning."

"Who worked for Goldman Sachs," co-host Charlie Rose interjected, referencing Cohn's former job as president and chief operating officer of the Wall Street giant.

"Who worked for Goldman Sachs," King repeated.

Cohn said that he is working in the Trump administration to drive the president's agenda to "make America betterĀ for all Americans."

"I know that, but what is it like for you personally? Are you enjoying this job that we hear reports about warring factions within the White House?" King asked. "It's 'Game of Thrones.' It's 'House of Cards.' It's them versus us. Really, tell us what it's like for you."

Cohn pushed back against the narrative that King portrayed, saying TrumpĀ encourages opposing viewpoints in his administration.

"The president likes lots of different opinions, which is the exact way that I have worked my entire life," Cohn said. "I am used to working in an organization where people are allowed to and encouraged to express their opinions and express their views."

"So disagreement is good?" King asked.

"Disagreement is good. This White House is no different," Cohn said. "The president wants to hear everyone's opinion. He wants to hear both the pros and cons of every decision and he encourages that, and I am very comfortable in that situation."