Frederica Wilson Blasts Trump for Calling Omarosa a Dog: 'Everything That Comes Out of This White House Is Racist'

August 14, 2018

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D., Fla.) blasted President Donald Trump on Tuesday upon hearing he had referred to former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman as a "dog," saying "how dare he" and declaring that "everything that comes out of that White House is racist."

Trump had already blasted Manigault Newman as "nasty" and a "loser" in the midst of her media tour eviscerating his administration, but on Tuesday he called her a crazed lowlife and a "dog," an insult he's deployed frequently. The former "Apprentice" contestant was once one of Trump's loyal confidantes, but since her stormy departure from the White House last year, she has emerged with secret recordings of Trump and other top officials and said the president is racist and mentally unstable.

Wilson feuded with Trump last year when she criticized the phone call he made to a military widow in her district, and she exploded on him when CNN host John Berman asked for her response to his dig at Manigault Newman.

"A dog. How dare he? He has taken this country to its knees," the Miami Democrat said. "We already have racism raining down all over America."

"The only way we can stop him and stop all of this foolishness and all of this hate and all of this racism that's raining down on America is we've got to send a blue wave through this country in the midterms. And then we've got to send a blue wave in November, and we'll shut down all of this racism," she added.

CNN host John Berman asked Wilson if she saw a "racial tinge" in his latest broadside at Manigault Newman.

"I said a year ago that Mr. Trump is a white supremacist, he has surrounded himself with white supremacists, and everything that comes out of that White House is racist," she said. "So what he says is racist. The people around him, what they think, what they say, how they act, is all racist, and we've got to stop this."

Wilson went on to say Trump emboldened white supremacists in America and she couldn't help but see avowed white nationalists and Trump in the same light.

"He praises them, and he gives them the power, and he emboldens them to mimic what he does what he tweets out every day," she said. "Omarosa is still a black woman. He has no right to call her a dog. I'm a black woman. He has no right to call me whacky. That's wrong. He is the President of the United States of America."

Berman, calling himself "hesitant" to dissect Trump's insults carefully, noted Trump had also called white people names and referred to them as "dogs." But Wilson replied it was her experience that "it was all on one side," saying Trump has attempted to smear and embarrass African Americans. "It's all on one side, it's all on one side as far as I know," she repeated.

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