Franken ‘Impressed’ by Wray’s Performance at FBI Confirmation Hearing

Sen. Al Franken (D., Minn.) said he was "impressed" with Christopher Wray's showing at his confirmation hearing on Wednesday to be the next FBI director, an unusual sign of praise from one of the Trump administration's strongest critics.

"Mr. Wray, I have been very impressed with our meeting. I've been impressed with your testimony here today," Franken said. "You've come here at a hard time. This is under very extraordinary circumstances, and I thank you for your willingness to take on this job, and looking around, I'm feeling that you've had a good hearing today, and best of luck to you."

"Thank you, senator, that means a lot," Wray said.

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Franken's questioning of Wray included whether he felt former FBI Director James Comey, who President Donald Trump fired on May 9, was a "nut job," as the president once referred to him. They also discussed the bureau's role in investigating hate crimes.