Fox WXIX Cincinnati Identifies IRS Agents Involved in Targeting

Cincinnati IRS Tax Exempt Program Manager Cindy Thomas may have directed subordinates to target conservatives

Fox WXIX Cincinnati reports as many as 6 IRS agents partook in the targeting of conservative organizations, contradicting claims by then IRS Commissioner Steven Miller that the wrongdoing was localized to "two rogue" IRS agents.

The common link between all of them is the Cincinnati IRS Program Manager of the Tax Exempt Organization Division Cindy Thomas:

SEAN HANNITY: This is a Fox News alert. Our Fox News affiliate in Cincinnati, Ohio, WXIX, has uncovered the name of the local IRS official who may have been directing her subordinates to target conservative groups. Joining me to explain more is Fox 19 anchor, reporter Ben Swann is with us. Ben what's the latest on this?

BEN SWANN: Sean, we've investigated the chain of command in the Cincinnati IRS office. Keep in mind, when the scandal first broke, the acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller said that the targeting of conservative groups happened at the hands of only two rogue IRS agents. Well, already we have identified as many as six agents involved. But what we've now learned thanks to two Fox 19 sources connected to the IRS, is that none of these six agents had the same direct manager or area manager. In fact, the only common link between all these agents is one woman named Cindy Thomas, the program manager of the tax exempt organization's division, and the highest ranking official in the Cincinnati division. Thomas not only has the only common authority over all these agents, but would also have been receiving system generated red flags when these cases in the system were there for more than nine months. There's one more detail on Cindy Thomas. Remember that progressive pro journalism group Propublica who sent the personal information on nine Teat Party groups? Well the manager who signed off on that document release, Cindy Thomas. So now the big question is will Congress call up Cindy Thomas under oath about what she knows? Sean?

SEAN HANNITY: All right Ben thanks so much for that information […].