Fox Reporter Tries and Fails to Sign Up for Obamacare

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy tried and failed multiple times to sign up at Friday night, joining a long list of frustrated Americans who have found the Obamacare site unusable.

Doocy told America's Newsroom viewers he attempted three times to create an account, and then he entered the live chat. He was told to return at off-peak hours by the representative, and a phone operator would not create an account for him either. Doocy tried to sign up from Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey and was never successful.

He did try a private provider, United HealthCare, and said he got an insurance quote in 29 seconds.

The Obamacare website has been the source of fierce criticism for its technological problems. NBC Nightly News ripped the site as a "source of ridicule" on Thursday night's broadcast, and one expert told CNN it doesn't even work at the most basic levels.