Former Navy SEAL Congressman: I'm 'Embarrassed' and 'Disgusted' by Frederica Wilson's Behavior

October 20, 2017

Rep. Scott Taylor (R., Va.) said Friday that he was "embarrassed" and "disgusted" by Rep. Frederica Wilson's (D., Fla.) comments criticizing President Donald Trump and White House chief of staff John Kelly over Trump's phone call with a military widow from her district.

CNN host Chris Cuomo asked Taylor for his opinion on the ongoing feud between Wilson and the White House. Wilson has charged Trump acted callously in his phone conversation this week with Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, who was recently killed in Niger alongside three other American soldiers.

Kelly said he was "stunned" by Wilson on Thursday for revealing the details of a "sacred" conversation and called her an "empty barrel," and Trump has said she has mischaracterized his remarks.

Taylor, a former Navy SEAL who lost friends in war, blasted Wilson for her comments in a CNN interview shortly before his, where she continued to blast the White House.

"I will tell you that the notion that the president of the United States was calling a family with any intent to be callous or anything like that is ridiculous and that's offensive as well too," Taylor said. "This is the commander-in-chief. You may not like that he's the commander-in-chief, but this is the commander-in-chief calling a family."

Taylor said he wished Wilson would instead protect the family of the soldier killed in Niger from the media instead of constantly doing interviews.

"I listened to her interview and I'm embarrassed quite frankly," Taylor said. "I'm completely embarrassed by the behavior."

"I just find this ... I'm disgusted by it, I really am," Taylor added.

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