Former Clinton Foundation Employees Post Negative Reviews of the Work Environment

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton
October 4, 2016

Former Clinton Foundation employees have posted searing testimonials of their time working there online, describing the family charity as lacking internal organization and having lofty, unachievable goals.

The anonymous postings were left on the recruiting site Glassdoor, which allows former employees to review their former employers.

Heat Street compiled screenshots on Tuesday of several ex-Clinton Foundation employees writing of their struggles working at the organization. One former employee described the foundation as a "revolving door of political surrogates as senior managers who are disorganized and unprofessional." The same posting also categorized the foundation as having a "toxic culture" that has an "undue focus on and direct involvement in electoral politics."

Another ex-employee, listed as a former director, characterized the foundation as "completely disorganized internally" and having "overly lofty goals with insufficient financial resources."

As with any anonymous postings, the original report was unable to verify the veracity of these reviews.

Heat Street also reported that interns for the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s campaign have complained about poor work environments.

Some of the Foundation’s interns have also complained about unpaid work and suggested that the organization is filled with "people from mostly very wealthy background" and said it needs "more cultural diversity in Senior Management."

Similar sentiments are found on the site among those who say they’ve worked for Hillary’s presidential campaign. One former intern said the campaign is "breaking labor laws by overworking interns and fellows" and has "young staff who don’t care about young women’s safety."

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