Former FOIA Chief: ‘I Have Absolutely No Doubt’ Hillary Clinton Knew Server Would Stop Oversight

During his time as director of the Office of Information and Privacy at the Department of Justice, Daniel Metcalfe has seen his fair share of Clinton records scandals. He called the recent one with Hillary Clinton and her use of personal email and her defense, he called "laughable."

Metcalfe said that Clinton’s personal server is a "blatant circumvention" of the Freedom of Information Act. While Clinton was at the State Department, she took the unprecedented step of setting up her own personal email account and server rather than relying on a commercial email provider that would keep a copy of her emails long after she had deleted them.

The Federal Records Act "applies to all federal agency employees who are not within the White House itself, requires the comprehensive documentation of the conduct of official business, and it has long done so by regulating the creation, maintenance, preservation and, ultimately, the disposition of agency records," Metcalfe wrote in a Politico op-ed.

Metcalfe had said he has no doubt that Clinton knows how the Freedom of Information Act operates and knows exactly what she was doing when setting up a personal server and using a personal email address.