Financial Expert Quoted in NYT Rubio Hit Job is Obama Donor

June 9, 2015

story in Tuesday's New York Times probing Sen. Marco Rubio's (R., Fla) "struggles with finances" during his career quotes a financial expert critical of Rubio who donated money to President Obama.

Harold Evensky, a financial adviser "who reviewed Mr. Rubio's public financial disclosures" at the newspaper's request, donated $500 to Obama in 2007 according to online records, but the Times does not note that in its piece.

In the Times article, Evensky criticized Rubio's debt accumulation as "staggering" and living "dangerously" as the young politician bought multiple homes early in his career:

Within a few weeks of the home purchase, Mr. Rubio, then a Republican leader in the House, borrowed $135,000 through a home equity line to pay for improvements to the house, from a politically connected Miami-based bank, U.S. Century, after the house was reappraised at $735,000.

Suddenly the owner of three homes, the Rubios saw their liabilities soar to $1 million from $330,000 in just a year. Harold Evensky, a longtime financial adviser who reviewed Mr. Rubio’s public financial disclosures at the request of The Times, called the rapid accumulation of debt "staggering."

"This was someone that was living financially dangerously," Mr. Evensky said.

The Times’ failure to mention this conflict of interest is curious, given Rubio's staunch opposition to Obama as he pursues the Republican presidential nomination.

The Gray Lady has taken particular interest in Rubio the past few days. Friday, it published a derided piece on Rubio and his wife's traffic violations over the years. The Washington Free Beacon reported the story had Democratic opposition fingerprints all over it, as reporter Brent Scher revealed court records on the 17 citations discussed were pulled by left-wing super PAC American Bridge just a week earlier.

The Times denied that American Bridge fed them the story.